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adminPRO FormFiller’s Brand New User Interface New additions to the user interface  Database location path.  Output folder location path.  “Print as produced” option.  Progress Bar  Progress percentage counter. Progress form counter. Number entry verification. Client’s name.  Form name (optional field name).  Next-step enabling to reduce setup errors.  During testing we populated 1,000 New Account Application Forms in 1 hour and 45 minutes - with 100% accuracy.  What does this mean for investment dealer transitions teams and group retirement plan administrators? Completing thousands of account opening documents in minutes with 100% accuracy. A ten minute learning curve for new team members. The end of manual data entry and the expense of hiring temporary employees. Top notch technical support. For dealer/brokers, it might just mean the creation of an incoming advisor transition paperwork assistance solution where none  existed, due to privacy rules and SRO regulations.  Every day the paperwork goes uncompleted and unsigned is another day your  new advisor’s previous dealership is collecting revenue from your future clients’ assets.  Every day the paperwork goes uncompleted  and unsigned is another day that reduces the odds of those clients following their advisor to your firm.  Your competitors figured this out a long time ago.  Don’t you think it’s time we talked? IE Story | Slide Show | Case Studies | Personal Demo 1000 New Account Application Forms in under 2 hours How much is YOUR time worth?